Kernel 4 – Digital Pedagogy (Liminal days 18th and the 24th)

Welcome to Kernel 4!

We transition from Kernel 3 on Digital Scholarship to Kernel 4 on Digital Pedagogy on January 18th.

On or around the 18th

  1. Reflect, post, and connect in your blogs from Kernel 3

Throughout this Kernel

  1. Watch this short video from Autumm
  2. Activity – Annotation of the Bryn Mawr Digital Competences Framework using hypothesis
    The Bryn Mawr Digital Competences Framework is a list of different digital literacies that Bryn Mawr College created through a Mellon Grant and ongoing campus communications. The competences are not meant to be a checklist that we would be sure someone achieved before graduating but rather a guiding framework that will help students articulate what digital skills they are gaining.

    Using the web annotator hypothesis I’m asking you to annotate this copy of the framework. Maybe highlight some of the competencies to reflect how something you do in class (or something that you would like to do) helps students to build that competency, comment on the importance of a competency, or reflect on ways that you see students build a competency outside of class. Members of Bryn Mawr College’s IT department/Library who developed the framework will be joining us: Gina Siesing the CIO and Director of the Library, along with, Beth Seltzer educational technology specialist will be checking in on our annotations a few times throughout the kernel and engaging with us.

    You will need to sign up for a hypothesis account and use this page to make your annotations. I’ve made this short video to show how easy it is to make annotations in case you have never done it before.
  3. Readings – 3 articles all linked below
  4. Synchronous Session with Guest Speaker – Those at SNC are talking to Robin DeRosa on Tuesday January 23rd at 9am CDT.

On or around the 24th

  1. Reflect, post and connect in your blogs –  This is the final blog post of DigPINS but of course we are planting seeds so the “liminal” here is the inbetween of the end of DigPINS and your continued conversations and practice with the digital and open education. Let’s continue to connect in person, especially here at St. Norbert, and using the digital tools that we’ve explored.


My Open Textbook: Pedagogy and Practice – Robin DeRosa

Digital Sanctuary: Protection and Refuge on the Web – Amy Collier

10 Things the Best Digital Teachers Do – Sean Michael Morris & Jessie Stommel Hybrid Pedagogy

Digital Pedagogy Examples to Explore –

Brief Reflection on Twitter for Physio Psych – Kameko Halfmann

Video – Catherine Cronin talks about a project

Video – Robin De Rosa talks about a project

And beyond –

After DigPINS is over here are some open online experiences that might be of interest for exploring either because of the content, the format, or both.